Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2013 Releases!

2012 was a great year for books.  I read some great titles and hope to finish at least two more before the end of the year.  Back in the day I could read two books a week, now I'm lucky if I finish two a month.  It keeps me going, never-ending supplies of inspiration.  And, this year I don't think I read any books I didn't like.  

I also had a few titles released this year of my own.  
It started with the paperback release of Angel Board.  The eBook version was released in October of 2011.   

The second release was originally supposed to be tie-in with the Psycho Holocaust DVD but it escalated into something that carried itself on its own two legs. This book surpassed all expectations and was the most fun I have had writing a novel.   

The summer brought two tales featuring the murderous elves known as Haunchies.  It started with The Night Everything Changed, a short story that is sort of like a prelude to The Lurkers.  Once you read both you will understand who Vincent Carlson is and why this story coincides with the novel.  Sadly, a lot of folks have mistaken it for a novel on its own,  but it's only a short story that you can get for free on Amazon, Samhain Publishing's website, Barnes and Noble...pretty much everywhere.  

And the final release of 2012 was The Lurkers.  A full-length novel of Haunchy mayhem.  Some of my favorite characters are in this novel.  Jeff Strand, author of Dweller, said "It's the most fun I've had reading a horror novel in a very long time." And I'd be lying if I said that doesn't make me giddy considering I've had the most fun reading every novel he's ever written.   

So that was my 2012 as an author.  I was asked in an email recently what all do I have coming out next year, and noticing that some other authors have announced some of their releases, I thought I would post some covers for the confirmed releases.  Before I do that, I just want to take a moment to thank everyone that has taken a chance and spent some money on my books.  You've not only helped feed my family, but you've made me feel like I belong in this crazy world of writing novels.  I hope the holidays treat all of you well and  that Santa brings you a magical hat.  Your emails are always welcomed and I will do my best not to bore you when I reply.

Oh, right...those covers.  Here they are!


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