Thursday, November 29, 2012

New blog up on Samhain Horror's website, and some new information!

Been a little bit since an update, but I have been sick with pneumonia, and struggling to hit an editor-given deadline.  I've always wanted one, but quickly learned they are as much nerve-racking as they are a necessity.  Without it, I don't think I would have ever finished Oak Hollow, but with it, I was a mess of the "I wonder if this is any good" jitters.  In the end, though, I was happy with the book.  One day I plan to write an account on the writing of that book.  One day...

Got a release date for A Dark Autumn. January 1st.  Yes, just a few weeks away.  Pre-order you ask?  Yes, it is available for pre-order right on Samhain's website.  Link you say?  Certainly!  Buy me!

I also wrote a blog for the Samhain Horror website.  They've been rotating authors, and I think they are on a two-to-three author a week schedule.  I shared this week with the fabulous Brian Mooreland and my boy, Alan Spencer, who writes some of the most insanity-ridden, entertaining books.  They wrote some great blogs worth your time with mine in the middle.  Please take the time to read all three, and as many of the others as you possibly can right here.

Amazon is now shipping the paperback version of The Lurkers.  Since I'm all about links tonight, here's one more.  Buy The Lurkers in paperback!  The book has been compared to Richard Laymon and I am as happy as giddy girl about that.  

It's honestly a little odd not having Oak Hollow to work on every night.  I finished it on Sunday, turned it in on Monday, and have been kind of running on autopilot ever since.  I finished a short story right after because I couldn't stop writing called Gearhart's Wife.  It's a diabolically funny, albeit creepy and odd tale.  I had a blast writing it.

So, what's next?  Well, Prank Night was going to be coming very soon, but a decision was made to hold off a bit on it.  With The Lurkers coming out in paperback, and A Dark Autumn following right on its heels in eBook, it was decided that would be way too much Kristopher Rufty with Prank Night coming at the first of the year as well.  It's looking like a late winter release for it now since nothing is scheduled to be released after ADA until late summer, and that's Oak Hollow.  Yep, that book came down to the wire and sort of  struggled to hold there for a bit.  And, between you and me, it almost didn't make it.  But, let's not tell anyone that.  

Here's a peek at the final cover for Prank Night.  

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