Thursday, September 6, 2012

Works: Current and coming soon.

The Lurkers has been out for a month.  So far, the response to it has been really positive and I couldn't be happier with the book myself.  The Night Everything Changed was released simultaneously with The Lurkers, and is a short story companion, a prequel of sorts.  I had actually written it as a Prologue to the book, but after it was finished decided it would be better as a stand alone story.  Sadly, I didn't know what to do with it when it was done, so it sat tucked away on a flash drive for three years, and was eventually forgotten.  While going through old folders that I found buried in a drawer, I re-discovered the story several weeks before The Lurkers was set to be released.  Rereading it, I fell in love with it all over again.  It took some time finding the drive with the original file on it, but once I did,  I sent it to Don D'Auria, basically just to ask if he thought I should put it on this blog for people to read,  Instead, he asked me if Samhain could put it out.  Together we hatched a plan to release it for free as a lead-in to the book.  Hopefully, those of you that have read it, aren't disappointed by what you got.

So, what's next you say?  Or...maybe you aren't saying, but I'm going to tell you anyway!  

My next release through Samhain is a novella, A Dark Autumn.   This is probably the darkest story I have ever written.  It's brutal, sick, and left me feeling icky after I wrote it.  I didn't think Don would go for it, so I sent it around, trying to find anyone who might like it.  No one wanted to put it out.  They thought it was too dark.  I told Don I had a novella that I didn't think he would want to put out, but I wanted to know what its problem was, and hoped after he read it, he could tell me.  A few weeks later I got a contract for it.  So, at the end of the year, or early 2013, everyone will have the chance to read it.

A couple months after that, my next novel, Oak Hollow, will be released in eBook and Trade Paperback.  This will be my biggest novel to date.  In fact, I'm still working on the rewrites and compiling a whole new draft.  This novel has taken a lot out of me, and one day, I will write an entire blog devoted just to that novel, possibly even more than one.  

What else...?

Oh, right.  This summer I got a new job that keeps me busy, much busier than my last.  It has really put a damper on my writing time.  I don't want to sound like that guy whining because he's working when so many aren't, because I'm not.  I'm very grateful that I have a job to cover the bills.  But, it has reduced my productivity severely.  I used to write 2,000 words a day, churning out a lot of pages.  Now I'm lucky if I get that amount written in a few days.  At least I'm still able to write, so that's a positive.  A big, gracious positive.  

The plan now is that over the next couple of months I will first finish Oak Hollow, then complete a couple of screenplays that I've started writing on my own and with another Samhain author.  I also plan to finish up some short stories for a collection that's being assembled, and two novels that will come out late next year.  So, that's it, that's all I've got!  For now...  

Oh--wait, no it's not.  I have one more thing for the people that stop by this little blog.  I have not posted this on my Facebook page.  This a blog reader exclusive!

The cover for my next novel:  Oak Hollow.  


  1. whomever "they" are, thinking anything is too dark, needs beaten with sticks. I am waiting for Lurkers to be released on Amazon. Then I started looking backwards to see what you have written. Yep guess I have some reading to do eh? I sure hope you have a slippery inner eye and write a tad like Laymon. I have been missing him and wanting him resurrected...

  2. Thank you, Daph! I hope you do check them out and hopefully find something you like. :) I also adore Laymon, and have read through his library, now I have returned to them, reading them once more in the same order as I did the first time.