Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bigfoot Beach!

Thunderstorm Books released BIGFOOT BEACH in a limited, hardcover edition on April 15th. The e-book and paperback are available as well. I usually have a blast writing books, something I feel truly blessed to be able to do, but this book might just have a softer spot in my heart than the others. Why? Well, it was an idea that began during a conversation with my son and daughter. 

I went to eat lunch with my son at his school, and since my daughter's lunchtime was close to his, I was able to pull her out of class a little early so she could join us. It was late spring, and we were excited to have warm weather again. My kids began talking about beach trips for the summer, which somehow led my to son showing me his shoes. He made me push down on the toe so I could see how much his feet had grown since my wife and I bought him the shoes a month before. I made a comment that inspired an idea in my kids' heads. 

"If your feet keep growing, somebody's going to see your footprint in the sand at the beach and think there's a Bigfoot running loose on the beach!"

My kids laughed, then began encouraging me to write a story about a Bigfoot running loose on a beach. I told them some ideas while we ate, and nearly all off them wound up in the book. Though they still aren't quite old enough to read the novel yet, I dedicated the book to them and I think when they reach a good age to read it, they'll be pleased. At least, I hope so.

Thunderstorm Books just have a couple copies left. If you're a collector, and are interested in buying the book, you may do so HERE!

The e-book and paperback can be found on Amazon HERE!

And KOBO right HERE!

iBooks and Nook forthcoming. 

Here's a synopsis, basically word-for-word what I said to my kids that day at the lunch table:


A bizzare, brutal murder. A missing woman. And a giant footprint in the sand. Now, the dying beach community known as Seashell Cove finally has a hook to attract the tourists—a Bigfoot on the beach! As the summer season winds down, the tourists go home and the town begins preparing for the colder months.

Soon, more strange footprints are found, other mysterious sightings are reported. Then the deaths begin. Could there really be a Bigfoot running loose in Seashell Cove?

A tracker with a personal agenda, the local sheriff, a hero whose fifteen minutes of fame expired a long time ago, and a female reporter looking for a scoop will team up to find out for sure.

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