Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sexual harassment in first grade.

My daughter came home from school on Friday and told me there was this little boy who kept calling her "baby". He said:  "Hey baby, or Whatcha doin' baby?"

Most could laugh this off and find it cute, but to me, I found it disturbing that a six year old boy was trying to smooth talk a girl of the same age.  And, it also bothered my daughter to the point she asked me to beat him up.  Evidently, the kid had been following her around for a few days, shouting it to her whenever he got the chance.

Enter: My son.  He's in third grade and tall for his age, much like I was/am.  I learned that he wasn't fond of some little boy calling his sister "baby", either.

I had decided to give it a few days and see if the kid would stop on his own, and if not, then I would report this to the principal.  However, I do not have to do that, because big brother handled it.  He approached the kid, who was much, much shorter than my son, and politely encouraged the tyke to leave his sister alone.  Apparently, my son's size and the scowling expression on his face, frightened this kid so much, he doesn't call any of the girls "baby" anymore.

Whew.  That one was averted.  

But, it got me wondering where does this kind of behavior come from?  Why are kids doing these things at younger and younger ages?  I mean, sure he was just calling her "baby", but what would have stopped him from taking it farther, and begin touching my daughter?

The way she had expressed to me over the weekend how much she did not like him calling her that made me wonder if this could be considered a first grade sexual harassment?  Maybe I'm just paranoid, or maybe I'm just extremely over-protective of my daughter, which my son shares my sentiments on that one.  But, either way, it bothers me just the same.

And, knowing that it's only going to get worse as she gets older does nothing to settle my nerves.  I already have my speech planned  for when my son is suspended from school for beating the crap out of some boy that was flirting with his sister.