Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Proud Parents and Authorgraph

Proud Parents was released yesterday from Samhain Publishing's horror line and I couldn't be more excited. I wrote this book while I was on bed rest from liver issues. My future was unknown at the time, so I chose to write a book about a family whose futures were also unknown. Actually, their present was just as unknown and a constant risk, so it made for an exciting and heartbreaking adventure. This book poured out of me, finishing a draft in a little over six weeks. I couldn't STOP writing. And I honestly believe it helped keep my spirits up during all the medical tests and treatments I had to go through at the time. There were many moments in that span where I felt like poor Gabe from the book.  

The root of the idea has been with me for many years, and was almost shot as a movie a few times with some pretty cool people. The movie never happened, but the idea remained. The book changed so much that it hardly resembles that old screenplay, but I believe the changes were for the better. I am so very proud of this book. I hope you all enjoy it, too.

I have been very pleased with all my covers, but this one is probably my favorite of them all. 

You can pick it up from Samhain's website HERE! If you use the coupon code PAPERBACK50, you can get the paperback for around 8 bucks. Can't beat that price anywhere! 

To purchase on Amazon click HERE!

I am also registered on Authorgraph, a neat website that allows me to autograph my e-books. If you have any on your Kindle or any other e-Reader, click the box below and send me a request. I'll be more than happy to sign anything. 

Thank you so much for reading my books!  

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