Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Updates...it's been a while.

Last One Alive is now available on Amazon in eBook and paperback. Other versions will be available this month--Nook, Kobo, etc. This book contains the Last One Alive novella, and two bonus short stories: Love Seat and Gearhart's Wife.

Here's a brief rundown of the plot: 

It was only supposed to be a relaxing weekend away from the drab of regular life, but what it became was a fight for survival. Megan is pursued through dense mountain woodland by a psychopath she doesn't know, a relentless nightmare she can't kill. No matter how she tries to stop him, he just keeps coming back, even stronger than the last time, chasing her deeper into the wild, and closer to a trio of despicable hillbillies who are sadistic on another scale. Lost in woods populated by pure evil all around, what hope does Megan really have?

Last One Alive is a 35,000 word novella, a fast-paced, survival horror story. You may purchase it on Amazon

Oak Hollow is coming from Samhain Publishing on August 16th.

The town of Oak Hollow is very eager to welcome Tracey…and her baby.

Soon after seventeen-year-old Tracey Parks found out she was pregnant, she was sent off to live with her grandmother in Oak Hollow. It was a painful transition, but she learned to love the quaint town and the people who live there. But now, as the birth of her son gets nearer, the once-friendly town seems much more ominous. Could it be that the residents of Oak Hollow have been waiting for her—and her unborn baby—all along? And what role will her baby play in this macabre nightmare?

I'm anxious to get this one out there. Most of this was written while I was healthy, and the rest during a strand of pneumonia that gave me fevers in the hundreds. It's definitely a wild tale, and I hope readers will enjoy it.

In a couple weeks, Thunderstorm Books will release a limited edition hardcover edition of The Lurkers, and the short story, The Night Everything Changed, will be included. Here's the dust jacket for the book. I am in love with the artwork and can't wait to physically hold it in my hands.

There will also be a few more releases over the next year, some through Thunderstorm and Samhain, and also a collaboration project with a few other authors who I admire. I'm very eager to work with them, and antsy to see what our minds can come up with when we put them together.

Look for Prank Night and The Skin Show in the fall. I'll post more about those when the release dates get closer! As always, thank you for reading my books. I hope you find something to enjoy in each of them.

I'm a huge junkie for 80s and 90s horror books (duh) and I love to collect them. And, I'm not just talking about the obvious ones by King and Kootz. These are the others that were released in the big horror boom of the 70s-80s.  Not only do they fill my shelves, but I also enjoy reading them. I've read some cheesy novels through this obsession, but I have also found some authors I really enjoy. To some, the covers back then were cheesy, but to me they're CLASSIC. Here's my latest used book "finds".

One day I will generate a list of my favorites that I've found during my used book binges as a way to spread the love I have for them.

And to end this on a personal matter. The last several weeks, my health has come into some "issues". I'm not on my deathbed, or anything that extreme, but I've had to change certain aspects of my life in a short time. So, I've been laying low, and writing as much as I can. While getting better and working on the new book with my 120 pound dog at my feet, the dark thought that I'll never get to put to paper all the stories that are in my head before the final day comes has planted a dreadful seed in my mind. I'm sure other authors fear this. What I've decided to do is just keep writing until that day comes and hope for the best. As I work through these health matters, I may be dormant on the social networking front from time to time, but just know that I'm recovering, and writing with all I have to get as many of these stories out there.

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