Monday, March 12, 2012

Updates and what's new.'s been awhile since I've been on here.  Hadn't had much to say until recently.  And since I don't have a legitimate website, I figured I'd do some updates here.

PillowFace is available now on Kindle with the paperback coming this week and look for versions for Nook, Apple, and other venues.  It's been a long journey for this book and I hope it reaches as many people as possible.  You may purchase the Kindle version here! 

The first person who reads this blog, who purchases a copy of PillowFace, then posts a review online will receive a free, DVD copy of Psycho Holocaust.  The exploitation movie that features PillowFace in a prominent role.  Send me the link at and prove it's you and I'll mail you the DVD, postage paid.  

Speaking of movies...Rags, another flick I wrote/directed is an official selection in the Mad Monster Party Film Fest.  I'm not sure of the exact showtime.  Last I checked the schedule hadn't been posted, but once I learn the time I will post it here.

And last but not least, my novel The Lurkers won't be released until August, however Samhain Publishing has also acquired my short story The Night Everything Changed and plan to release it as a prelude/bridge to the novel.  TNEC takes place in The Lurkers universe and will be available soon for .99!  This is pretty cool.  I hope this is successful because it's something new Samhain Horror is trying and I won't it to catch on so other author's can have short stories released with fantastic covers through a fantastic company.  I'll post the cover to The Night Everything Changed as soon as I receive it.  

And, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that reads this blog, buys the books, supporting me in anyway they can.  It means a lot to me.  

On another note, I absolutely can not wait until the release of The Avengers movie!!!  

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