Monday, October 24, 2011


Halloween is exactly one week away. I know that most folks have their own yearly traditions for this holiday, and I am no exception. Although, I may do some things that some people would consider 'odd'.

For example - The leaves are usually yellow by the time Halloween roles through and an obsession of mine is to pick a handful of leaves from the trees and sniff them. Yes...I know I'm odd, but I never said I wasn't. I can't argue with the facts. But, I believe I know where this stemmed from. I grew up in the country...some would call it the sticks, and my father's house was surrounded by woods and the trees would shed there leaves, completely carpeting the grass. It was like walking through multi-colored paper up to my knees! The neighborhood gang and I would play hide and seek, but in the leaves, so whoever was "it" would run into my dad's yard, find an area in the leaves, and bury themselves under them. Then the others had to find them. Anyway, when it was my turn I relished the time spent under the leaves, enjoying the aroma - sharply sweet but also wet even though the lives were crispy. Ah...the memories.

Another tradition is more obvious. Read and watch as many horror stories and movies that I possibly can. I've already kicked this tradition in high gear by revisiting the Orangefield series by Al Sarrantionio. I may even read one of the Halloween books David Robbins wrote as well. Movies I've watched this month include Hell Night, Final Exam, Pumpkinhead, and more. I going to watch a few Italian flicks as well. I've already enjoyed - again - City of the living dead. And, of course the classic Halloween and Night of the Demons series.

But, another tradition I enjoy is taking in as many Scooby Doo marathons, movies, episodes of the classic up through the most recent Mystery Inc. that I can. I adore Scooby Doo and have since I was the little kid burying himself under piles of leaves. Thankfully, my love for Shaggy and his blubbering canine sidekick has been passed on to my children, so I get to relive their adventures in the vibrantly painted Mystery Machine all over again. As Fred Jones once said from behind the wheel of a submarine, "...It'd be the bomb-diggity!".

I would love to hear some of your Halloween traditions whether they're casual or extremely odd. Don't hesitate to share them! I'll read them while eating a bowl of candy corn, using only glow sticks as my light.

Gotta go for now, time to light the Jack-o-lanterns.

Happy Halloween.

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