Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FaceBook Faux pas? part one

I’m going to start a group on my Facebook page, and I plan on adding everyone on my ‘friends list’ to it.  No one will mind, right?  Let’s say, I made a group for Angel Board and I added a select number of friends to the group. I would put money down that over half of the people I added to that group would remove themselves and then update their status with something like this:  “Please don’t add me to any groups without my permission, if you do I will say inappropriate things to you, or do my best to make your life hell because you added me without my permission.”  Let’s not forget to add that if I were to ask your permission, you probably wouldn’t respond anyway, so how are us group adders to know whether or not you wouldn’t mind being added?  So, we take a gamble and add you, if you don’t want to be a part of it, just remove yourself, common sense would tell us that you do NOT want to be a part of this group.  I mean, heaven help us that we add you to a group on a social networking site. 

Facebook is a great tool to keep up with friends, family, and a fantastic way for fans to communicate with film-makers, authors, actors, etc.  But, holy s##t, don’t you dare try and contact someone you admire you silly fan…You can add us to your friend lists, you can read OUR posts on where to buy our stuff, or silly, pointless ramblings(such as this), but God help you if you contact us, or put a comment on our page to try and perk our day, or to make us laugh, if you do, you just might get a status update in your list that reads like this:  “Please do NOT put comments on my page that could be considered inappropriate, I have family on here!”  Of course you do, it’s FaceBook, but don’t you think if you’re nearing the five thousand mark in friends, that you have a lot more fans than family?  Maybe you should create a group?  Oh, no, that dreaded group thing again.  What to do, what to do?  Maybe if you hadn’t insulted half of your FB friend list with a whining rant about groups in the month prior, you could create your own group for either friends OR family, and keep the two factions separate.  But, I digress…

Now, here’s another thing I’ve noticed going on.  Tagging pictures.  Why is that a hassle now?  If there is a group of people in a picture, and I’m one of the flock, by all means tag me in the picture.  I doubt I would get the picture any other way.  I’ve seen people rant on FB about being tagged in pictures they’re in!  Why?  Seriously.  I mean – if you have your face up to your ears in a toilet after six hours of drinking car bombs, then I could understand why someone might have a problem.  If someone is tagging you in that picture, then they need to be slapped.  Here is a status from one of my friends:  “Please do not tag me in pictures without my permission.  I will delete you if you do.”  Really?  Has it gotten that bad on FB that we’re threatening to delete folks if they've tagged you in a picture.  What if you’re an actor/film-maker and someone found a poster from overseas, and they wanted to show it you?  I mean, more than likely, the two of you would not be sitting down to dinner where the FB fan could go:  “Oh, check out what I managed to get on ebay!”  No, chances are, that would not be happening.  So, a fan tags you.  Big deal.  It makes the fan happy that you acknowledge them, especially if you do so in a positive manor.  Remember, it’s their money too that’s helped put you where you are. 

None of this has happened to me personally, but I do read everyone’s status that comes through my feed.  And, I’m also a fan.  A lot of the people on my friend’s list are also fans and we share common ‘friends’.  So, I see when they comment, tag a photo, or add them to a group, because more than likely, I’ve been added to that group as well.  Now, I have removed myself from groups, but I would never go as far as to make fun of you for adding me to it. 

Basically, what I’m trying to say is:  We as FB users can control everything that happens on there.  That’s why FB was designed the way it was.  If you don’t want to be tagged, added, or whatever, you can just remove yourself from it all…and the best part is…you can do it on the sly. 

Remember the days when everyone got along on FB?  If only we could return to a year ago when everyone was falling in love with it, and with each other.  Facebook needs a hippy revolution.  Make FB love, not FB war. 

In my next pointless FB rant, I will delve into something that has actually become a big issue, one that I've noticed on a lot more pages than I should.  Soliciting gifts from fans.  Shameful.  Absolutely shameful.